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Things You Should Need Know About Dress Size Chart When Shopping Online

Sep 09,2022 | NK by NIKI

Do you hate the thought of having to shop online because you don't want to spend a lot of time searching for the right size clothes?

Nowadays it is extremely common to shop online and we all know that shopping online is always much more convenient and faster than going to a store. But the downside of shopping online is that we cannot be sure of what size shirt we will end up buying.

If you are someone who is looking to buy a nice new shirt or pair of pants then this is definitely something you need to know about.

Because even if you know how to shop for clothes online, if you do not know what the dress size chart says, you might end up buying something that is too big and then having to go back to the website and pay more money to send it back.

In this article, I'm going to tell you how to choose a good size when you are shopping online.

So if you want to start shopping online in a way that saves you a lot of time and helps you find the right size shirt, then read on...


1. Measure yourself, the right way

Of course, taking your measurements—including your bust, waist, hips, and inseam—is one of the greatest ways to discover a great fit. Use a soft tape measure, like what you may get at a tailor's store, Sara Skirboll, a purchasing and trends expert at RetailMeNot, suggests customers. Your online shopping experience will be greatly enhanced for simply a few dollars.

It's a good idea to pay attention to your clothing when you take these measures. When measuring for an item you're thinking about buying, Skirboll advises putting on your undergarments to have a better idea of how the piece of clothing will fit over them. Compared to taking measures while wearing clothing, this will result in a better fit. However, you might wish to take measurements while wearing clothing if you're ordering outerwear. If not, the medium-sized coat can be a touch too tight when layered with a thick sweater.

2. Take into account the model’s fit

Although the majority of us aren't models—and that's okay—many businesses display their clothing on models who may have entirely different body types than yours. Do not be fooled by this, advises Matthew Sebra, Senior Fashion Director for Men's & Kids at Macy's. One of the most frequent errors is assuming that how something looks on a model will also look on you.

Instead, he advises paying attention to minute elements that could dictate whether a garment will look excellent on your particular body shape. "It will probably be just right for you if you're short and it appears cropped on the model," he says. In order to help you determine the fit, some websites, like Target, are starting to reveal a model's statistics, such as the size of the clothing they're wearing and their height, as well as showing many models in various sizes.

3. Use a retailer’s dress size chart

Don't ignore the dress size charts that many large shops offer—some of which are really helpful—even if you are aware of your precise measurements or have a good sense of what size you generally are. A more precise fit can be determined by responding to a few of the site's questions about your shape. For instance, Zara has a tool that lets you input your height, weight, and measurements to suggest a fit. It also shows you the proportion of customers with similar characteristics who purchased and kept that size. In order to aid you in choosing the appropriate size, ASOS offers a function similar to fit assistant that even compares your size across brands.

4. Actually read the reviews

Everyone loves a product with thousands of reviews, but it's important to read them all, or at least a few of them, rather than just glancing at the total. "Pay attention to if customers claim the item runs big, tiny, or true to size," advises Skirboll. These frank evaluations are priceless and can help you determine the fit. Additionally, if users can post images to the website, those can be much more beneficial. Look at the images of previous buyers who have bodies similar to yours so you can get a sense of how the item would seem on you. It's similar to having someone else try your clothes on.

5. Look at positive and negative reviews first

 This particular approach, which I employ when purchasing clothing on Amazon, can also be applied to other merchants with active reviewers. It can be difficult to search through a large number of reviews, but it's much simpler to do so by the best (5-star) and the worst ratings (1-star). People are equally impassioned and more prone to give in-depth comments when they are totally applauding or definitely detesting something. These reviews can be quickly skimmed to identify any recurring positive or negative aspects, as well as whether a garment fits true to dress size chart, whether the material stretches with time, or whether the sizing is noticeably off.

6. Consider the material used

Skirboll emphasizes that some materials will be more forgiving than others. A garment's kind of material should be taken into consideration in addition to the actual measurements, as this can influence whether you size up or down. If you're considering denim without elastane, be aware that it will be somewhat stiff and take hours of wear and use before it begins to have some give. Conversely, elastane-based jeans, commonly known as spandex or lycra, will have plenty of stretch and allow for greater sizing flexibility, according to the expert. Polyester, which resists shrinking, and cotton, which may both shrink and stretch, are other materials to watch out for.


Cotton contracts! This fact is said to have been discovered by the ancient Egyptians, and countless grieving women throughout history have attested to it. Depending on the type, weight, and knit, you can estimate a width of 3-5% and a length of 8–12%. More shrinkage results from abrupt temperature changes than from more gradual ones. When compared to delicate hand washing, high agitation washing machines generate higher shrinking. Pre-shrinked products still shrink, although less so. The fibers of "Compacted Cotton" have extra length built into them from being squashed up between rollers, making it appear to shrink less. some branded dress

Be prepared for shrinking! This necessitates purchasing a size larger in some clothing. If an item is "cut oversize to allow for shrinkage," it will initially be large before shrinking to the labeled size. In the end, we must rely on you to determine the appropriate size to purchase.


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