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Women Should Know About High Waisted Pants

Sep 08,2022 | NK by NIKI

I often see women wearing shorts that are too short and/or revealing. What is the right length for shorts? Do women need to wear underwear with them?

A lot of women have complained that their legs are too long and that they look silly walking around in short shorts. Well here’s the thing: A lot of women do look silly walking around with their legs showing. They look even more ridiculous when they try to cover their legs up with some kind of underwear.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is to buy clothing for themselves that is too tight. That way, their body always has to work hard to stretch and shrink to accommodate them. So they end up with skin problems on their legs, knees, and even their backs. So what should women do instead? Buy clothes that are loose and easy to wear.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the best shorts for women. And I’m going to tell you why you should be wearing them even if your legs aren’t too long.

So if you want to learn more about how to wear high waist pants, read on...

What Are High-Waisted Jeans?

High-rise or high-waist jeans have a waistband that sits just above your belly button and cinches the smallest portion of your natural waist. This denim style's higher height creates an hourglass shape by highlighting a cinched-in waist to accentuate a broader bust line and hip line.

Comparing high-rise trousers to low-rise and mid-rise jeans, high-rise pants provide more coverage for your waistline. In the 1980s and 1990s, high-rise, straight-leg jeans were a common jean style; in the 2000s, they gained the nickname "mom jeans." Wide leg, slim leg, boot cut, and flared varieties of high-waisted jeans are also readily available. Although most modern boyfriend styles have a greater waistband, most boyfriend jeans have a low-to-mid rise.

Are high-waisted pants good for you?

 High-waisted jeans scarcely require an introduction; they've likely become your go-to look as a result of fashion's recent growth in adulation for the '70s. Given that they sit at the natural waist, which is above the belly button, some would argue that they aren't properly high-waisted. But no one will dispute how effective they are when you want to give the appearance of having long legs or require a little belly control. High-rise jeans, which are often fitting at the waist and hips, are great for emphasizing curvy figure shapes like the hourglass and the pear. You'll like this pair by Russian clothing company 12 Storeez if you fit either of those criteria. Make sure you balance the wide leg of the jeans with a bodysuit, crop top, or blouse that is tucked in.

How to Wear High-Waisted Jeans

A high-waisted pair of jeans is an important capsule wardrobe staple that flatters a variety of body types. The following fashion advice might assist you in putting together the ideal high-waisted jean outfit:

Pick the appropriate shirt

Keep in mind that high-waisted jeans are designed to accentuate your waist while selecting a shirt. The tightened waist of an ensemble will be highlighted with a crop top, fitting bodysuit, or shirt that is tucked in. High-rise jeans' high waist is complemented by long cardigans, blazers, and trench coats, which counteracts a crop top's briefness.

Create an edgy appearance

Wear high-waisted bootcut jeans with platform booties or leather ankle boots for a trendy yet timeless look. Add a sleeveless tank top or T-shirt to finish the outfit, then cover your shoulders with a leather jacket. Change to high-waisted skinny jeans and add a pair of over-the-knee boots as an option.

Make a formal appearance

Not only are high-waisted jeans appropriate for casual occasions. With well-polished accessories, you may take them from casual settings to the office or formal events. When choosing a formal or business casual ensemble, stay away from high-waisted denim pants that are torn or distressed. Put on a button-down shirt, some high-waisted, dark wash jeans, and loafers or high heels for a professional look. Alternately, wear stilettos, high platform shoes, or chic flats with your well-groomed high-waisted jeans. For a date-night look, pair a cropped off-the-shoulder shirt with dark denim high-waisted jeans. Add some jewelry, like a sparkly necklace or a pair of eye-catching earrings.

Find the proper fit

Check the fit of your high-waisted jeans. When you sit or stoop, the waistline should be level with your ribcage and the denim shouldn't protrude excessively. Despite the fact that some high-waisted pants have broad legs, go for a fit that is a touch narrower on your thighs. To fit your height and body type, alter the inseam or hem of your jeans.

Keep it informal

Many folks prefer the full-coverage informal design of high-waisted jeans. A go-to casual outfit consists of a slouchy, oversize sweater tucked into a pair of mom jeans or slim high-rise jeans and white shoes. In warm weather, replace the sweater with a graphic tee or a basic white T-shirt and sandals.

Observe the length

From cropped flares to full-length straight-leg jeans, high-waisted jeans are available in a variety of lengths and designs. Make sure the length you select balances out the length of your torso and legs. Cropped high-waisted jeans might shorten the frames of those with more delicate frames, so they may wish to avoid wearing them.

Select the best footwear

Any style of shoe looks nice with high-waist jeans, but as a general guideline, choose shoes that will make your body appear longer. Higher heels, like stilettos or high-heeled booties, will assist elongate your figure if you're tiny or have a short torso. Long torsos are better suited for flats.

black and white alone

Wear a black turtleneck, black pumps, and black straight-leg high-waisted trousers for a polished, professional look. For an added sparkle, accessorize the look with a gold statement necklace or a fancy belt that is gold-plated. If you favor slim jeans, slide them into leather knee-high boots or suede ankle boots. If you want to wear this look to work, add a black blazer. If you want to add some playful edge, add a moto jacket.

Attempt a vintage look

High-waisted jeans are ideal for transforming into a retro mood because they conjure up thoughts of mid-century pinups and off-duty film sirens. Wear high-waisted straight-leg jeans with a vintage cropped sweater tucked in. Knot a collared button-down top into a pair of light wash, high-waisted bell-bottom trousers for a '70s-inspired look.


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