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What Is A Crop Top? Thing You Should Know About Crop Top

Sep 05,2022 | NK by NIKI

Do you want to learn how to dress well? What is a crop top?

If you want to know how to dress well, you must know what a crop top is. Because when you are wearing a crop top, you are showing off a bit more of your waist. And because of that, it can often make you look bigger than you are.

The problem with crop tops is that they look good on girls, but not so much on guys. And it’s not because men have big bellies. The truth is, men actually have small stomachs. And a crop top just makes them look bigger.

I’m going to give you 3 simple tips that will help you become comfortable in your own skin no matter what size you are.

If you want to build your confidence by learning how to dress well, then read on...

What Is Crop Top?

A crop top is a shirt that bares the waist, navel, or belly. It is also known as a half shirt, midriff top, or cropped shirt.

Beginning with the performance of "Little Egypt" at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the early history of the crop top interacts with societal perceptions of the midriff. Although the crop top first became popular in the 1930s[3] and 1940s, the latter specifically because of fabric scarcity during World War II, it was primarily used for swimwear at the time. It didn't become widely accepted until the sexual revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s, when it was sported by famous people like Jane Birkin and Barbara Eden (star of NBC's I Dream of Jeannie)[8]. The 1940s saw the emergence of a different style known as the tied-up top or knotted shirt, which gained popularity in the 1960s.

Cut-off crop tops increased in popularity in the 1980s as a result of the aerobics fad and the success of the film Flashdance. In her music video for "Lucky Star," singer Madonna wore a mesh crop top. Due to the popularity of 1990s fashion, the crop top enjoyed a rebirth in the 2010s, and they are still fashionable in the 2020s.

How to Wear Crop Tops

Make sure to bear the following advice in mind in order to properly wear this somewhat challenging garment:

  1. Since not all crop tops are the same length, pick the amount of crop top that you feel most comfortable wearing. Some just expose a small amount of skin, while others resemble bras more than anything else.
    Avoid wearing crop tops with soft or flowy fabrics as much as you can. Heavy, structured materials typically appear better because they maintain their shape.
    Wearing a crop top requires that you be able to breathe easily. For the gym or during workouts, form-fitting ones are fashionable, but too-snug crop tops might be unpleasant when worn outside.
  2. If you self-tan, make sure the color of your face and belly match for a stylish appearance when wearing a crop top.
  3. Avoid going overboard with your exposure to maintain balance. Avoid baring your cleavage, back, bottoms, and other comparable regions if you're wearing a crop top.
  4. Keep your composure and adopt a neutral stance. Because of your crop top type, slouching might result in temporary folds, rolls, and all kinds of ugly angles.
  5. Schedule some de-bloat sessions (avoid high-sodium foods) or perform some tummy-toning exercises to maintain your stomach area flat and trim if you want to feel and look amazing wearing a crop top. However, if you don't give a damn about your appearance while sporting a crop top with some

Tips on How to Wear a Crop Top Without Showing Any Skin

Are crop tops inappropriate? Our first response is no.

But if wearing crop tops and baring your skin isn't your thing, you don't have to.

Furthermore, learning how to wear crop tops without baring skin is not difficult. There are easy ways to wear a crop top modestly if you're a little traditional or hesitant to go all out.

We can now talk about how to fix your camel toe in your yoga pants, leggings, activewear, and everything in between now that the culprits have been identified.

4 Styling Tips for Crop Tops

  1.  Use a button-down to create a fake crop top. If you don't want to chop up any of your t-shirts, pull the sides of a button-down shirt and tie a loose knot over your tummy to reveal your belly button to create a crop top.
  2. Play around with length. Crop tops flatter all body shapes, whether you're lean or voluptuous. If you can't find a shirt length you like, all you need are a pair of scissors and a little creativity to transform a cardigan, tee, v-neck, or other shirt into a crop top.
  3. cut down on skin exposure. Try putting a crop top over overalls or high-waisted pants if you want to cover up more skin or give your ensemble a throwback or rustic vibe.
  4. Try ruffles or edges that are tattered. Crop tops can come in cute patterns. You can accessorize your crop top outfit with ruffled shoulders or sleeves, or you can add some frayed edges to the bottom of your top by taking a pair of scissors and raising the hemline of your shirt by half an inch all over.


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