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How to Style a Mini Dress

Sep 06,2022 | NK by NIKI

Do you ever wish that you could wear dresses without feeling uncomfortable or self conscious about what you look like in them?

If you’ve been wearing a mini dress, you’ve probably experienced how tricky it is to style one.

Unfortunately, most people who wear mini dresses suffer through an embarrassing fashion faux pas.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to style a mini dress without having to worry about whether or not you look good in it. You’ll learn how to wear one like a pro and feel comfortable and confident every time you step out of the house.

So if you want to start styling your mini dress today, then read on...

5 Ways to Style a Black Dress

Black dresses are timeless and suitable for practically any occasion. Check out these outfit suggestions to see how you can make the most of your black dress:

  1. In warmer weather, dress casually. Although strapless black dresses and white sneakers can create a fashionable, informal style, summer ensembles typically call for more vivid, brilliant hues. You'll be prepared for the beach or the farmers' market if you carry a tote bag and put on a summer hat.
  2. For the office, including a blazer and leggings. The black dress can also be worn to work. For smart casual offices, team your black dress with tights, booties, and a blazer. The finest dresses for this are those with modest necklines.
  3. Dress up for a night out with a leather jacket. Wearing a colorful leather jacket with your black dress will let you personalize your casual ensemble since leather jackets, like black dresses, flatter many body types.
  4. For a dating night, wear something formal. For a night out or more formal occasions, put on a black midi dress with heels and accessorize with fanciest accessories like jewelry.
  5. Knee-high boots will round off your ensemble. Numerous styles of shoes will look great with your black cocktail dress. In cooler months, knee-high boots look beautiful, and in warmer weather, heels can be worn, especially if you're wearing a shorter midi dress.

How to Accessorize a Black Dress

The ideal, uncluttered backdrop for you to add color with individualized accessories is a solid black dress. Think of the following accessorizing ideas:

  1. Put on a vibrant belt. Over a black dress, you can wear a belt to add color or define your waist. In the summer, try adding a belt that matches the color of your sun hat to complete your ensemble.
  2. Include dangly earrings. Your little black dress can look great with earrings, especially for more formal occasions.
  3. Put on an ornament. A striking necklace can serve as a personal touch and a focal point for your ensemble.
  4. Put a denim jacket on. A denim jacket can be paired with more relaxed black dresses made of cotton, linen, or lighter materials for an appearance that is more relaxed and casual.
  5. Wear a crossbody purse. While a crossbody bag works well with more casual outfits and gives you a convenient spot to put your phone, wallet, and other items, a clutch purse can be more elegant for more formal events.

3 Tips for Styling a Black Dress

To get the most out of your black dress ensemble, use these fashion advice:

  1. Wear clothing that you feel at ease in. The black dress is available from almost every clothing company, though sizes may vary from store to store. Check the dress' precise measurements before purchasing online or in person, and always try on clothing before buying it to ensure your comfort and confidence.
  2. Dress entirely in black. The easiest way to style a black dress is to go all-black. Try wearing an all-black ensemble by pairing your LBD with a black leather jacket, black shoes, and/or black leggings.
  3. Understand what to wear. Black dresses vary in how formal they are. Cocktail dresses, often known as party dresses, are semi-formal dress styles that end at the knee or just below. Cocktail dresses are ideal for the type of cocktail party they are named for. The little black dress (LBD), which Coco Chanel created in 1926, has become a de facto cocktail outfit and an icon. For formal black tie events and occasions like funerals, longer, more formal black dresses are more acceptable.

Can You Wear a Black Dress to a Wedding?

It might be difficult to choose the proper wedding dress; you might, for instance, worry if black is appropriate. The quick response? Depending on the wedding, yes. According to Laurie Arons of Laurie Arons Special Events, "the restrictions around the color have obviously loosened in recent years," adding that it's no longer inappropriate to wear a color so strongly connected with sorrow to weddings and other joyful occasions. She notes that nowadays, bridesmaids are often seen wearing stylish black gowns of their own choosing.

Location matters.

"Women in tiny black dresses or evening gowns at weddings are fairly frequent in the metropolitan Northeast (think New York and Boston)," says Arons. However, it's far less often in the South, which is why Arons would advise donning a vibrant outfit to a wedding in this part of the country. She adds that if you're fortunate enough to be attending a destination wedding in a European or tropical location, staying away from black is still strongly advised. Instead, base your choice of clothing on the local environment: For instance, an oceanfront celebration in the Bahamas calls for vibrant, punchy hues, whereas a gathering at a chateau in France may call for something regal—like jewel tones.

Think about the wedding's formality.

Arons advises guests to wear black if the couple is planning a black-tie wedding at a formal location like a huge museum or gorgeous ballroom. Black would appear far too somber and out of place in a laid-back rural or beach atmosphere; a bright pastel or bold design is far more acceptable.


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